08 March 2024

Planning granted for family home in rural Kent

This week we received planning approval for the remodelling of a family home in a sensitive and historic site within the small village of Hollingbourne, Kent.

The existing building is a surprising and intriguing character; only 20 years old but heavily inspired by the medieval Wealden hall house vernacular, with jettying bays. The interior is characterised by low ceilings, modest windows and atmospheric nooks.

Our interventions seek to open the plan up to embrace an area of outstanding natural beauty on which the property proudly sits. As one enters, they will be greeted by a new entrance vestibule, double height living space, retained hearth and a canopy of exposed rafters and joists.  A series of punches will be made to the facades, forming seating recesses amidst new and old timber planes.

Elsewhere, a south west corner double height void illuminates the ground floor dining room and first floor master bedroom with natural light. A supplementary dormer window offers the attic home office uninterrupted views of the garden and countryside beyond.


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