22 November 2023

Visiting our Knightsbridge mews project

Nestled amidst the quiet backstreets of Knightsbridge is a mews house that has been sensitively restored to celebrate its idiosyncratic and genteel context. The whole team at Jonathan Tuckey Design recently made a site visit to the project as finishing touches are being made.

Peeling back layers of the existing fabric marked the inception of the project. The facade has rediscovered its true brick identity, following years of being obscured by white render. Exposing the historic internal timber structure, character and imperfections meant elements of modernity could be inserted to sit in concert with what had gone before. In the basement a lone timber post can be tracked upwards, branching off between floors as a lightweight lattice before culminating in a plywood canopy on the top floor. Original timber beams are now accompanied by new counterparts, distinctly different in tone and patina, reinforcing this harmonious marriage of time.

An intrinsic objective for the project was to harness maximum natural light into the interval volumes. Two statement skylight boxes protrude from the ceiling to wash light down double height walls and through divisions between planes.

A sculptural midnight blue staircase is the first point of contact when entering the residence, sweeping up to the first floor without contacting walls or posts, granting the illusion of a levitating entity through which the rest of the home gravitates.

The minimal material palette was established to drive focus towards textural reclaimed timber floors, joinery and a lime-washed brick chimney breast.

We look forward to sharing final photography of the project in the coming weeks!

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