09 July 2024

Works to begin on Lake Como Villa

Emerging from the hillside mist above the serenity of Lake Como is an abandoned concrete shell that has long betrayed the picturesque setting. The sizeable contemporary structure is currently a labyrinth of atmospheric nooks enshrouded by darkness and a rich weathered patina, gradually formed following years of neglect. Expansive cantilevered slabs suspend into the horizon confidently, waiting for the opportunity to be enjoyed by occupants from the comfort of a spacious residence rather than a dilapidated husk.


Tuckey Design Studio have been appointed to rethink the unique existing site into a generous villa, reinterpreting the linear and monolithic super structure as an inviting and dramatic home informed by local materiality and craft. Proposed works seek to frame and honour the tactility of the concrete in an inventive and delicate approach that reconnects the building with the rolling verdant hillside. A reorganisation of the internal layout will articulate a series of generous living spaces that rhythmically follow the contours of the sloped topography, intermittently revealing sightlines of the lake below. Oriented along the east-west axis, each bedroom and living space will have access to a terrace and outdoor pool.


Simone Bossi was recently on site to document the existing shell before works commence, capturing the elemental beauty of the concrete soffits against a backdrop of ethereal mist whipped up from the shores of Lake Como.

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