Ladbroke Gardens

Ladbroke Gardens is a Grade II listed, three-bedroom, split level apartment located within Ladbroke Gardens Conservation area of Notting Hill.

A complete internal refurbishment, including new finishes to all surfaces, bathrooms, kitchen and built in joinery has been implemented, with a centrepiece solid oak partition screen guiding residents between the two storeys. This intricate piece of craftsmanship, bound together with brass fixings, performs both as a semi-permeable screen for privacy as well as a canvas for objet d’art.

The property entrance is signified through stepping onto glazed handmade tiles set within a sea of mortar, interspersed with fragments of stones and seashells. This gives an indication of what’s to come, with textural elements defining an intriguing sequence of spaces that culminate in a contemporary threshold to the gardens on the lower level. This extension, wrapped in walnut panelling and terrazzo tiled flooring, provides a study and studio basked in natural light, thanks to full height glazed sliding doors and a lightwell. A folding timber concertina wall divides the room when needed, extending one of the bedrooms.

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