Upper Wimpole Street

Within the genteel neighbourhood of Marleybone is an apartment full of narrative and inquisitiveness. The brief for the project was to rethink and refurbish the interior configuration, primarily by re-evaluating the layout, decoration and flow.

The resulting intervention sits entirely within the existing envelope of the Georgian terraced house and creates an insulative, yet breathable, layer along external walls. The transformation of the property was based around linking an array of vibrant spaces through a ‘family’ of joinery objects and an introduction of spatial hierarchy within the apartment.

There was an objective to create sculptural elements which referenced a regency style, the period the property was built in. However, the aim was to achieve this as a modern interpretation with a subtly as not to be pastiche. The curves on these pieces were arranged in such a fashion as to link views sequentially through the apartment.

Two works by Stefano di Giovanni are also important to understanding the project. These helped conceptualise the joinery as an internal architecture, a volume within a volume.

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