Greifensee Cultural Centre

The Greifensee Cultural Centre is located by a UNESCO protected lakeside site in Switzerland. Our proposal seeks to expand and reorientate several public spaces, injecting contemporary vigour into a jaded existing building that is no longer fit for purpose.

The proposal reinterprets traditional architectural vernaculars and motifs whilst maximising voluminous interiors, with glazed walls reaching out to a civic realm. The centre stands as a key pillar within the community, hosting concerts, exhibitions and events and is deserving of an established grand hall. There will be partial reuse of the existing structure and a new build housing auditoriums of differing character stages for musical performances expressed in a latticed CLT frame.

An asymmetrical pitched roof forms the new Landenberghaus Saal cradled within existing stonewalls. Together, with the dramatic presence of the adjacent Schloss, this structure will form a reinvigorated gateway between the town and the lake.

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