Horris Hill Theatre

Standing confidently within the rural Horris Hill School grounds is a contemporary theatre that plays a vital role in enhancing arts and drama education for the school and wider Berkshire community.

Carefully crafted to sit in concert within the campus, the 160-seat auditorium draws from its context whilst being consciously distinct in materiality and structure. The warm red hue of external panelling roots the theatre in amongst brick Victorian neighbours. A slender portico activates an animated civic square to the north, while an outdoor amphitheatre embraces the south elevation. Pronounced fins articulate a rhythm along the faces, hinting at the cadence of Renaissance facades.

We employed sustainable design methods in a multitude of ways, with the new buildings cross laminated timber structure and internal beech battens, saving the release of 40 tonnes of CO2 when compared to blockwork construction. Natural ventilation is integrated through louvres, and the interior volume can be daylit from manually operated shutters.

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