The Nossenhaus is the second oldest building in Andermatt, Switzerland. Dating back to 1620, it was formerly used to house multiple families on the upper levels with livestock on the ground floor. Having fallen into disrepair, the practice was commissioned to transform this ruin in collaboration with Ruedi Kreienbühl.

Preserving the sense of shared space, Nossenhaus is now three apartments on the upper levels with a wine bar below. The internal living spaces were opened to enhance the sense of volume and reveal the beautiful structural elements that were previously concealed by shallow attic rooms. Lime plaster, larch and pine were selected to blend seamlessly with the original fabric of the building over time. The exterior bares a new playful character with the addition of reinstated balconies from locally grown pine and new dormers constructed of zinc.

Hotwater and heating is provided via a central wood chip boiler system, with a natural and breathable render improving thermal performance for its new domestic use.

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