Trevarefabrikken is found on the otherworldly island of Henningsvær in Norway’s Lofoten archipelago. Originally opened in the 1940s as a cod liver oil factory, this once abandoned site has evolved into an avant-garde landmark which is now home to a hotel and cultural hub focused on wellbeing and leisure.

The challenge was to harness the tactility, sightlines and atmosphere of the concrete shell whilst implementing a warm material palette of both locally sourced and salvaged materials. Vast windows with hand-crafted concertina shutters frame far-reaching sea views while internal lanterns harness the arctic circle’s breath-taking quality of natural light. Ultimately the hotel has been designed to be a social space for visitors to gather and connect. Vigilant attention to original architectural details and authentic materiality, as well as adaptive reuse of industrial facilities to create spaces for both fellowship and relaxation, have given new life to a site that has served Lofoten for generations, and will continue to be a part of the community fabric for years to come.

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