Wool Hall

The Grade II listed Wool Hall is a true success story of adaptive reuse, with an eclectic history regarding both architectural alteration and use.

The unassuming hall, located in a Somerset village, has been an outlet for craft, residencies and musical production through its lifetime. The Smiths, Van Morrison and Paul Weller all recorded albums here; escaping the spotlight and freneticism of London life. This rich heritage lives on in the buildings new guise as a family home and private recording studio.

The 16th century hall has been restored, with a theatrical stairway weaving up the main elevation and framing an arched glazed partition that announces the reimagined interior.

Stepping into the main entrance, one is greeted with sightlines upwards through a three-tier atrium branching to bedrooms, left into the domestic spaces of the crimson timber-clad rear extension, and right through the open plan kitchen and living area of the original hall.

Terrazzo flooring signifies where old partitions used to inhabit, accentuating this reference to the past and alluding to the narratives of those who once inhabited this space.

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